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Cassava Products

Cassava products can be classified in two groups - primary and secondary. Primary products are obtained directly from cassava tubers; whereas secondary products are derived from further processing of the primary products.  Provided below is a sample of potential cassava products

Cassava’s importance as a cash crop is also increasing with the crop generating growing revenues at both macro and micro levels. At macro level, it is an important earner of foreign exchange through exports. The biggest exporters of cassava are Thailand and Vietnam which together account for 70% and 2.4% of global exports respectively (Wikipedia, 2014). Zambia exports cassava to Congo DRC and Angola, albeit, in an informal manner.  
At the micro level, revenue is generated by all the players in the value chain i.e. producers, processors, buyers/traders and end users. Cassava producers in Zambia, who are predominantly small scale farmers, generate income through sales of fresh and dried cassava. The majority of the small scale cassava farmers are women.  

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